L‘azienda, il casale ed il lago.

Foto Azienda


The farm is extended on various fields across the hills of Bolsena and Gradoli,


where the human rhymes are linked to the seasonal growing of corn, barley and wheat,


together with olive trees. Our guests will be able to buy own organic products during


their stay and enjoy their healthier lifestyle.


Casale lato Sud

The farmhouse itself is in a very privileged


location, as it stands in an area which


laps the very lake, and where, close to the


vegetable growing, you can enjoy a variety


of rows of olive trees, creating a very


charming naturalistic environment.




Only a few yards from the farmhouse you can reach the lake beach, where the clear water


inspires to take baths and enjoy seaside life.


The beach opposite – partially in the shade - is equipped with deck-chairs and comfortable


chaise longues, the ideal place to enjoy Foto lago


the view of this wide volcanic lake,


adorned with two gracious islands and


populated by a variety of fish.


Close to the beach you will have


a convenient wood hut where you can


change and a barbecue equipped area,


to enjoy picnics just in front of the lake itself.



Foto Spiaggia

Foto Spiaggia